Electrify Tech Camps Recharged

ECE’s Electrify Tech Camps returned after a pandemic-induced hiatus to the delight of tech campers eager for a hands-on experience with electrical and computer engineering.
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The Electrify Tech Camps have been recharged – to the delight of more than 60 high school students who got a taste of nanotechnology, power and energy, and the world of optics through a week of intensive learning and fun activities this past summer.

“This was a really great experience for me to explore what I want for my future career,” said one of the young campers.

Electrical and Computer Engineering’s week-long Electrify Tech Camps took a pause during the pandemic, and returned fully charged the summer of 2023. These non-residential camps are open to high school students who want a hands-on engineering experience, and they get it at one of the top engineering universities in the country. The programs are developed and taught by U-M faculty and graduate students, ensuring the highest quality of academic learning – and recreational activities are included every day.

The department offered three camps this year: Nano Size It; Power Up; and Zap It. All were offered in person and onsite as students experienced world-class lab facilities such as the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility and the U-M ZEUS Facility while learning from faculty, staff, and current students.

Catch a glimpse into the camps through these photos and student comments:

Nano Size It

[See more photos of Nano Size It Camp]

Nanocamp student in the LNF
Group of nano camp students in the LNF
Nano camp students in a lab with their solar cars
nano camp student in the LNF
One of the solar cars
wafers created by students in nano camp
nano camp student racing her solar car
nano camp students putting together a solar powered car
nano camp students getting ready to race their car
group shot of the nano camp students

What I learned in the Nano Size It Camp

“How to make a solar cell!”

“I learned how to operate different machines in the LNF which was really cool.”

“I learned how to create solar cells and also how to use breadboards to create electrical circuits that could be used in a solar powered car.”

“I learned how a breadboard works to connect different sources and consumers of power.”

“I enjoy EE.”

Power Up Camp

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powerup students racing their car
powerup students and their car
powerup students and their car
powerup students in the power and energy lab
powerup students holding their car
powerup students in the power and energy lab
powerup students in the power and energy lab
2 cars from the powerup teams
powerup students racing their car
powerup group

Favorite parts of the Power Up camp

“I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and designing and racing our RC cars.”

“I really loved the car activity! I had so much fun creating a successful ultra capacitor system and racing with my peers! I also thoroughly enjoyed professor Hoffmann’s lectures in the morning- I thought they were really informative and entertaining!”

“I enjoyed the car activity, putting together the solar board, and the oscillators. Circuits were fun too.”

“Driving cars powered by capacitors and learning about different fields of electrical engineering.”

“I really enjoyed working hands on and with a small group.”

Zap It

[See more photos of Zap It camp]

zap it student in the lab
zapit student's hair stands on end
zapit students experimenting with light
zapit students experimenting with light
zapit students
block M created by a laser
zapit students by a white board
zapit student in the zeus lab
group of zapit students in an optics lab
zapit group

Favorite parts of the Zap It Camp

“I loved all the people, the professors and student mentors taught me so much and the other camp members were so awesome to interact with.”

“The physics demos and visually cool experiments.”

“Any demo- I am a visual learner 100%, so every demo and hands-on activity was super fun. Also, meeting new people and going around campus. Everyone seems super in love with their job and generally enthusiastic about what they do, so that was really refreshing.”

“The atmosphere. All of the excitement for science and the facilities, tech and demos we got to observe, experience and learn about first hand. It was really awesome.”

“The Tesla Coil demonstration.”

Additional Information

Reservations for the 2024 Electrify Tech Camps can be made as early as late Feb – early March in 2024, and will be announced on the website.

You may add your name to our Interest Form at any time, and we will then notify you when we are accepting applications. 

The Electrify Tech Camps is also supported by Women in Science and Engineering.