The Center for Computer Security and Society (C2S2) is an interdisciplinary center based at the University of Michigan. The center is dedicated to the investigation of emerging threats to critical embedded systems and networks, and on the impact of cyber security attacks on critical infrastructure, governments, and sensitive data.

In the area of computer security, research activities include web security, electronic voting, medical device security, using virtual machines for building security services, security in mobile systems, and detection of insider attacks and spyware, and malware capture and analysis tools.

In the area of network security, research activities include measurements of attacks on the Internet, detection and dismantling of botnets, security of routing infrastructure, and censorship resistance.

We also have a strong interest in the design of techniques to enhance user privacy. Work in this area includes anonymous communications, privacy policy enforcement infrastructures for pervasive systems, database support for privacy-preserving queries, and privacy policy language design.